Health Maintenance Services

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Health Maintenance

Beyond our comprehensive wellness examinations, the veterinary team at Matthews Animal Clinic is happy to offer a full range of services, including allergy and dermatology treatment, glaucoma testing, nutrition counseling, behavior counseling, cancer treatment and more.

Whether your pet is a playful puppy or kitten, an active adult dog or cat, or a senior pet entering his or her golden years, we use a personalized approach to high-quality veterinary care based on your pet’s lifestyle and needs to ensure you enjoy many happy years together.

Internal Medicine

While our focus is on wellness care and disease prevention, you can also rely on our skilled, compassionate medical team when your pet is sick. To that end, an important part of our practice is the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases that can affect your pet’s internal organs and body systems.

Our veterinarians have expertise in diagnosing and treating a range of complex internal medicine diseases.

Allergies and Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

Allergies and skin problems are quite common in dogs and cats of all breeds and backgrounds. They can result from fleas, food or inhaled allergens like dust or pollen. The most common symptom associated with allergies is localized or generalized itching of the skin.

If your pet be experiencing a problem, please make an appointment to have him or her seen by one of the veterinarians at Matthews Animal Clinic. If left untreated, allergic reactions and skin conditions can become serious medical concerns.

Behavior Counseling

If your pet has behavior problems and standard training techniques are not solving the problem, behavioral therapy might help. We offer a range of pet behavioral therapy services, and our skilled staff is ready to work with you and your pet.

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Nutritional Counseling

Making the best nutritional choices for your dog or cat not only affects general health but will also play a vital role in improving the quality and length of your pet's life.

As a part of our commitment to protect your pet’s overall well-being, our veterinarians offer nutritional counseling services that include important information on proper serving size, nutrient needs, and customized feeding strategies. If your pet is overweight, we can design and help you implement a weight-loss program for your pet.

Treating Your Pet's Cancer

Benign tumors in an accessible, well-defined area are almost always permanently cured by surgical removal. Recovery from most surgery is rapid, and post-surgical pain is controllable using appropriate medications. Complex procedures may require referral to a specialist.

Before making the decision on the appropriate course of action for your pet, please discuss all the relevant factors with our medical team so you can make an informed choice. Our understanding of cancer is increasing all the time, leading to better treatment approaches, quality of life and improved outcomes.

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When it is in the best interest of your pet, we will seek a second opinion for our network of local specialists. We will also refer you to a specialist for special procedures, such as intervertebral disc surgery, complicated ophthalmic cases and radioactive iodine treatments.